Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Tongfang response to piracy crisis: is the distributor of pirated security

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HP, Shenzhou, Tsinghua Tongfang, Acer (Acer) and other four manufacturers of computer sales stores were found to pirated Microsoft operating system installed yesterday, Tsinghua University, said in an interview with the party, which is dealer's personal behavior, will strengthen the dealer with the management and education.

Hewlett-Packard and other reporters had not been the attitude of the other three companies.

Tongfang regard a telephone interview, said that Microsoft in China as a partner in one of the most closely, with the side always recommend users to install genuine operating systems, adhere to legitimate strategy, it remains unchanged.

However, since different users have different versions of the operating system needs, in order to give the user plenty of their own choice, now part of the factory with side computer models, not pre-installed operating system, but in the sales process, with the side would urge all distributors, the user is better to play the machine functions, choose to install genuine software.

The store's display of individual agents to identify pirated software prototype in the same side that was very concerned about, though this is a distributor of personal behavior, but at the same side will strengthen the dealer's management, education, and said it would through their own efforts in the fight against piracy to do to their responsibilities.

Yesterday, China's also the matter to the Hewlett-Packard Co., Public Relations fax the interview outline, would like to know the company installed pirated operating system product attitude, but as of 8 pm last night, reporters did not receive a response.


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