Monday, October 18, 2010

When the "vision" into a "trap"

As Jim Collins's "From A to A +" hot book in Taiwan, many of the company's vision has turned into "from the good company into a great company." However, the trend is driven vision, employees can receive recognition from the heart of the real you? "Company Light scream銆?銆巉rom good to great, but not the exact implementation of the plan, but also not seen how much the company made changes to the system, things are still bound hand and foot. Nevertheless, the small number of middle level managers, top executives continue to please have been advocating for, the staff feel a strong political flavor .... "I complained to a friends in the industry.

Vision to become trendy political slogan, not a practical long-term goal

Enterprise's "vision" (Vision) trend can be traced back to Peter. Senge's "Fifth Discipline." Originally, the company refers to the enterprise vision shared by people in the scene, people on the scene of great concern and co-operation through various actions to practice it. Peter. Senge even believe that there is no common vision, there is no learning organizations. However, when vision is used by companies large and small, we encounter many pitfalls and problems. Vision into a trendy above the political slogan, not a practical long-term goal is one.
Some people think that content should be ambitious vision. But business history, too much "great" but it is difficult to implement the vision, anti-easy to make business resources to invest in inappropriate places and lead to policy failure. This is the vision of the second trap.

Ambitious but unrealistic vision, leading to failure of corporate strategy

The time back to 1978. Wang computer was the United States ranked the world's 32nd-largest computer supplier, the company said the head of Chinese-American Wangan Xuan, Wang computers will replace in the mid-1990s, Big Blue IBM, the world's largest computer company. Wang fascination with their own products - word processor, it underestimated the threat of IBM personal computers, said "personal computer is the world's most stupid things." Bent to make the company and its growing advantage in the personal computer, the IBM confrontation, not only underestimated the strength of IBM personal computers, but also insist on their own R & D is not compatible with the IBM computer operating system. Later, when Wang computer products found in the main market, has become a personal computer, word processor, not when I have to. In 1992, this had an annual turnover of 30 billion U.S. dollars, has 30,000 employees in large companies, to the courts for bankruptcy. Vision shattered.

Wang Computer's grand vision of the relative, who created "Spirited Away" and many other blockbuster Japanese animation Hayao Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli belong (Studio Ghibli), but never "intended" to make its great. "Business Week" Recent reports that the "strategy", "change", "profit" is not always the words in their dictionary. They only insisted that Ghibli film will be "interesting and useful", the "human interest" as the spirit is the most important works, to tremendous amount of attitude to make the highest quality work. 90% of the entire studio of human and 98% of the time only do one thing, animation. Hayao Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli did not intend to let his great modesty, but in practice they are doing is a great vision.

Vision is to make out, not to tell

Of the ambitious enterprises, the establishment of the vision of course is necessary. However, many companies have the vision, we all want to be winners, but who have real power? When the vision becomes trendy and sets the contents of the theoretical formula of cheap popular slogan, a tool for political maneuvering within the organization, or exaggerate the target has not been implemented, the vision but it will hurt hazardous enterprises, such as loss of people (including employees and customers ) support. Moreover, the true meaning of the vision is action, not words beautiful. Company leaders and management team, with a magnificent vision of shouting, we had better clarify the company's basic mission and values, identify the competitive positioning, and then encouraged to go and practice them in fear.

A Zen master once said: "Who in this world, reasoning many people, Realizing the fewer people; know many people, way street are few." Think about the vision is not true?


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